Glorious GMMK Pro

This time I have the pleasure to show you some pictures of the new Glorious GMMK Pro, a long waited keyboard for the enthusiasts in the community. The GMMK Pro is notorious because it has some unique components in an easy-assembly keyboard, like the rotary knob and a unique key layout, represented by the vertical strip on the right side.

I bought this in a group buy, and waited for 5 or 6 months to arrive. I got the brass plate and the GMK Laser keycap set. The pictures were taken right after the keyboard arrive, to avoid collecting dust, fingerprints and other non-desired stuff on the photos.

Image Image Image Image Image Image

The cable is from Space cables, and this shot is a long exposure relying on the IS of the FUJIFILM 80mm Macro OIS f/2.8. This cable photo is at f/20 with a 15 second exposure.




Rafael Lopes